BORN IN 1992

Daichiro Shinjo is an artist brInging old-fashioned Japanese calligraphy (Shodō) into the future, pursuing unconventional light and contemporary expressions.
Born in the southernmost island of Japan, Miyako Island (Okinawa), he began Shodō at the age of four and grew up with influences of Zen philosophy and Okinawan spiriritual culture from his grandfather, a zen monk and revered folklorist in Japan. Daichiro graduated from the department of Space Design, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, and now resides and works from his studio in Miyako Island.

​新城 大地郎


2017年10月Playmountain Tokyoにて初個展「Surprise」、2018年TRUNK HOTELロビーのインスタレーション、UNTITLED ART FAIR 2020 (サンフランシスコ)など。


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